Who we are

We are here to help with Retailer, Hotel, Restaurant and every business to create the unforgettable experiences.

Our Mission

is to create a fun and meaningful experiences for everyone around the world


Being agile is not simply fast but an iterative process with clear scope and target, our team aims at delivery small incremental features along the project.

Data Driven

Our team enjoys working with KPIs and Metrics to follow our steps and pivot if it requires, being data driven is part of our DNA.

Our team is small but very strong.

Versatile background

Each one of us is unique with special set of skills to achieve the vision that we commonly share. We are thirsty to create experiences that people need but do not exist yet and we will not give up easily until we see our dream come true.

Our vision is to be the best creator for any unforgettable experiences with the help of AI and Robotic solutions.

woman and robot hand on abstract techno background

We're also here for sustainability

Global warming is not a joke and we take environment into consideration for every activities that we do with our business operations, we always take public transportation and aim at 0 printing in our office. When our team creates value propositions, we consider all the possible technologies and work with the most sustainable ones. Our robotic solution is CO2 free and eco-friendly buddy, let's work together to build a better future.

The team

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Tech & Co-founder


Strategy & Founder
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Market & Co-founder


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