CoronaVirus outbreak is bringing new opportunities for the global businesses

CoronaVirus outbreak is bringing new opportunities for the global businesses
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Since the end of 2019 until now, CoronaVirus has been threatening people’ life. It has also been damaging the global economy. Plenty of companies are on the verge of going bankrupt which make thousands of employees lose their jobs. It seems like Covid-19 outbreaks are devastating every human being on the planet.

However, it’s believed that CoronaVirus could bring some new opportunities to develop disruptive business concepts like for example Robotic solutions. Many robotic companies are responding to public health concerns in various places.

Due to Covid-19, many people are concerned to visit any public places, that cause the people of lacking supplies and food for basic needs. They’ve planned to order them by using the ride-hailing apps which run food delivery such as Didi, Grab, Uber. However, even the active deliverers are dropping significantly due to the worries about catching the virus. 

Under this circumstance, governments are applying AI and robotic solution to provide food and other necessities last mile deliveries for their citizens. 

In China, for example, drones are used to deliver food to quarantined destinations, spray public areas such as hospitals, schools to disinfect CoronaVirus as well as transport the samples between areas and hospitals. By then, the dangerous situation in China is prevented and repelled. 

America, on the other hand, uses intelligent robots to broadcast and provide enough information to their citizens. The company behind this – Promobot – said that robots did well on their mission when having great interaction with come-across passengers in the crowdest streets of America. More than 200 surveys were collected to analyze people’s thoughts about this pandemic. 

Based on those current results that Robots can bring to human's life, most global investors tend to agree that this is definitely a great chance to start some new businesses. Instead of having humans to be responsible for dangerous situations, let's give robots a chance to help which not only prevent worst cases but also have high-accuracy probability. In the future, it must have higher needs, especially in health care and tourism. 

Superflash is one of the leading companies that catch this opportunity. We provide autonomous robotic solution to support human beings in hospitals, hotels, restaurants to reduce the human to human interaction.

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