Is AI the dead end for human beings

Is AI the dead end for human beings
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Stepen Hawking used to share this thought with BBC News:“Artificial intelligence (AI) could spell the end of the human race”. However, according to Alex Bates founder of AI Mtelligence, humans will have a better living standard and prosperous time thanks to AI. Though there are still many controversies over the consequences of AI to the human race, it’s not deniable that AI is a new beginning for life. 

AI arouse and maximize creativity as well as productivity of human beings 

Every job has its main parts as well as errands parts. The high-qualified employees are interested in the main parts which allow them execute business strategies and communicate with the team. However, their productivity and passion reduce gradually when paperworks, contracts, reports are appeared. 

A self-learning AI, on the other hand, is able to help them prepare those paperworks right away if it’s provided enough information and data for analyzing. When boring works are put aside, the high-skilled employees can focus 100% on their works bringing creative and productive results. 

AI has not replace human beings, AI helps them work smarter

It’s people who are always afraid of losing jobs and living life when AI walks among human life. However, Alex Bates confirmed that there are many things that AI could never learn such as emotion, intuition which belong to human’s soul. People always have their own value. AI is nothing but an automation machine which helps humans’ brains become smarter and smarter. 

IBM used to develop AI chess to defeat the best players; their purpose was to prove that intelligence of human beings was always better than intelligence of artificial intelligence. No surprise that our players all increased their skills and knowledge based on analyzing AI’s strategies. 

AI remains and strengthens relationship

Thanks to AI, we are able to remain and strengthen relationships among human beings, especially in the CoronaVirus situation. There are tech and medical experts that say AI is the important key to prevent the spread of virus as well as help people keep in touch. 

AI and automation are applied in public places such as airports, hotels, railway stations to support people as well as prevent direct in-touch among people. Superflash is also one of pioneers in using robot automation for hotels. We understand the damage of the situation so that we would love to have robots for hotel guests during their travelling. Robots are there to provide the best services during coronavirus situation instead of human face-to-face interaction. It not only makes guests feel comfortable but also keeps their safety as our highest priority.

To sum up, AI is not a dead end for human beings. It’s, on the other hand, the best assistant to brighten up our living standard.