The Future of New Retail


Customer Journey

Our 32’’ inch intelligent robotic solution is helping Mercedes Benz to create branding awareness with their store visitors, personalize the engagement based on customers’ preferences in order to make the conversion. Customers are more comfortable to use our robotic solutions to check the product details and reserve the test drive. Stores with our solutions have a 45% increased test drive session.

Design Thinking

We design & build the solution based on our user journey mapping studies, always bring value to our customer


Customers love our robotic solutions with 3Rs


30% net promoter score improved


45% test drive session booking increased


35% people management efficiency improved

We're motivated by the desire to achieve.

Unique Value Propositions

Our solutions are dedicated to your customers, we tailor our services in order to match your customers desire and goal.

Ultimate Design

Customer engagement is a complicated process, we utilize all the possible touch points through the entire customer journey for improving their experiences.


How it all looks

Our smart robotic solution is ready for your service


Automation and algorithms are most effective if they’re used in collaboration with human insights and creativity.

Let’s design and build the ultimate solution for your customers together.

Big data concept, glowing blue background
Improved NPS 85%
Increased Revenue 45%
Optimized Resource 35%
96 %
Satisfied clients
Hours saved
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