RUN robots – A future-proof hotel investment

RUN robots – A future-proof hotel investment

Robots in hotels is no longer a fantasy seen in American sci-fi movies. Those smart robots are now roaming freely in some of the most well-known hotel brands in the world, including JW Marriott Marquis Shanghai Pudong.

RUN robots arrive at JW Marriott Marquis Shanghai Pudong

Robots taking hotels by storm

The idea of putting robots in hotels seems to go against the whole concept of “hospitality”, where human interactions play a key role in delivering outstanding experiences. However, reality has proved otherwise. Robots do not necessarily replace humans. In fact, both can work harmoniously together, which in turn creates a synergy that significantly enhances the guests’ journey.

Guests from our partner hotels love RUN – our smart delivery robot, not only because of its novelty and sleek appearance but also because of its many amazing capabilities, including autonomous elevator calling, independent routing, and built-in microphones for conversational speech.

Based on the OTAs’ platforms in China, the rate of taking pictures and the five-star ratings involving robot reviews are extremely high.

Two new “staff” wearing suits and ties at JW Marriott Marquis Shanghai Pudong

“27% of guests mentioned that their kids find the robots very interesting, and it is a reason why they keep coming back to the same hotel.”

Kids love RUN robots

“When we call the robots to perform the next task, we would often find lollipops and thank-you letters hid in their cabinets from kids, who have stayed at the hotel, to the robots”,

commented by JW Marriott Marquis Shanghai Pudong.

Due to their hyperactive nature, kids are often not the main customer targets from the hotel business’ perspective. They demand attention, creative add-ons, and interactive activities to keep pace with their curiosity. To meet these requirements, hotels will have to allocate a large volume of human resources, which will eventually exhaust their operation. Therefore, it is either that the parents take full responsibility of their children and end up not having time for themselves, or the workload is then shared by a robust and innovative solution – robots.

Kids love our RUN robots

In reality, kids love our RUN robots. They enjoy following the smart butlers and some even requested the robots to be placed in their rooms. In addition, many guests specifically asked for RUN to be their room service waiter.

What is RUN?

RUN is a last-mile delivery robot that can intelligently avoid obstacles, remember guests’ preferences, integrate with IoT devices within the building’s ecosystem, automatically plan routes, and make conversations with visitors. Its walking speed is 0.9 meters per second, which uncertainly makes RUN a top contender for the best butler staff of the year.

RUN robot
Basic RUN robot model

Another great thing about our little buddy is the AI technology behind its operation. Using machine learning, RUN can quickly adapt to different environments and respond accurately to different guests’ requests. Furthermore, RUN can streamline and store a large amount of data that minimizes errors in handling guests’ matters.

Why should hotels invest in RUN robots?

Labor efficiency

Elevator guidance, food and toiletries delivery, and welcome greetings are easy and rather repetitive tasks that eat up a lot of valuable time that hotel staff have. As a result, hotel staff do not have enough time to effectively handle phone calls nor to provide the best-quality customer service. This is when our RUN robots come to the scene. Being able to manage twice the amount of workload done by a human, RUN can take care of the basic and repetitive tasks, thus sparing time for hotel staff to pay more attention to service quality.

Unique customer experience

With top-level configuration, unique design, and smart services, RUN creates an elegant, witty, and out-of-the-box urban accommodation experience for those who seek a home away from home. Alongside attentive and professional hotel staff, our robots become great assistants that carry out work with 24/7 enthusiasm and zero-fault service standards.

Four RUN robots with polished look guarding the hotel's lobby
Four RUN robots with polished look guarding the hotel’s lobby

Hygiene and safety pledge

Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, hygiene and safety protocols are of utmost priority to both hotel owners and guests. With RUN robots, hotel owners can still ensure a fun and hygienic staying experience for all, while guests can rest assured that they can now safely visit their favorite hotels without the fear of virus transmission. 

Even after the pandemic has passed, robots are the future. Therefore, if you want to replicate the same success story as JW Marriott Marquis Shanghai Pudong and many others, bring a RUN robot home now.