What we do

Smart Robotic Solutions

With cloud computing and AI, our robotic solutions offer personalized services with the most recent data.


Connecting online and offline with digital touch points where customer engagement become more versatile.

Service Design

Value mapping your customer journey to redefine the customer experiences.

Business Design

We help our clients to design new business model which is optimized for the current market demand.

App Development

With our experienced agile team, we help our customers with mobile & web application design and development.

Data Analytics

Real-time data analysis to offer an optimal personalized service.

Smart Robotic Solution

We have 2 incredible intelligent interactive robots Leo and Simba to serve the market with different purposes.

With 32'' inch Full-HD multi-touchable screen and android operating system, the smart robot can be anything out from your imagination.
The robot features self-mapping, obstacle avoidance, intelligent explanation, voice dialogue, face recognition, in-room on demand service and many other.
Fully-customizable for your business needs, beautiful design and super easy to develop any fun features with him.

Hola, I am Sail

Hey there, you can call me Sail, let me tell you something about myself. I have an interactive large screen and android is my OS so I am compatible with all kinds of applications out there, e.g. games, e-commerce, banking etc.


We improve service quality and reduce labor costs, offer users with intelligent services.


Our Last Mile Delivery Robot Run is commented as the best servant in many 5 star hotels around asia, now we make our way to Europe.

Look how amazing am I !

I am able to make automatic calls and avoid obstacles independently, I am capable  to connect with IoT devices (e.g. turnstiles, doorbell, elevator, smart devices etc),

When I serve for customers, all you need is to let me know what and where to go then I will ride the elevator and navigate to the guest room without any human interaction. I will call to the room number as soon as I am in front of the hotel room door, after our guest picks up their item, I will walk independently back to my charging station and wait for my next service request.

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