Superflash robotic solution Fight with Business against corona-virus

Superflash robotic solution Fight with Business against corona-virus
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Autonomous Robotic solution are helping human to fight against CoronaVirus

After a 3 month coronavirus outbreak around the world with more than 100,000 cases, CoronaVirus was finally confirmed as a pandemic by WHO on 11 March 2020. Until now, it has spread to at least 114 countries and killed around 4,000 people. By then, it not only threatens public health emergencies but also creates a huge negative impact on world economics, especially tourism and service providers. It has been estimated that this breakout cut global economic growth in half in the next coming 3 months. 

However, it appears that AI and Autonomous Robot can help us fight CoronaVirus. According to last-month-report of WHO, they are an important part in responding to the disease in China. Let’s find out the ways robots detect and fight against Covid-19. 

Robots broadcast information of CoronaVirus in public place

It’s not deniable that the government and WHO are trying their best to propagandise about CoronaVirus. However, the risk of infection, which doesn’t allow people to gather, prevents the right information delivering to citizens. Luckily, robotic solutions stand out and raise their hand in supporting human beings. 

The Promobot stands in front of TimeSquare, New York to share essential information to the community since 10 February. Thanks to its hard working, local people and tourists understand deeply about Covid-19 as well as methods to prevent the spread.

Robots join their effort to support doctors and hospitals

Hospitals are the second place that robots participate to help people in excelling pandemic. Since the beginning days of the CoronaVirus, robots have been joining hospitals and playing an important part of killing viruses. 

It’s known that hospitals are always under high risk situations due to the high volume of CoronaVirus patients, which could also affect the health of doctors and nurses. Understanding these issues, Autonomous Robots use its UVC lights to disinfect patients’ rooms and operating in the hospitals.  Robots themselves are developed to move autonomously to various places so that the hospitals are under the disinfection of Covid-19. 

Robots cleans the hotels and restaurants to wipe off the CoronaVirus

The virus makes every single customer feel unsafe when stepping inside the hotels’ rooms and restaurants cause they are all public places and used by various people. Just a random touch or face-to-face chit chat is able to bring high risk of virus infection. How do the hotels and restaurants do to make their guests feel safe? 

Robots are the best solution that many hotel managers think about. Robots are not only used to disinfect virus by using UVC light but also used to serve guests. By then, instead of having a direct meeting with a reservationist or door man, guests are able to interact with Robot whenever they have requirements. 

If you are hotel owners, restaurant operators, or hospital leaders feel free to contact us at Superflash to find our cooperation opportunity. We are sure that together, we could overcome the pandemic <3

Stay Strong, Stay Together.